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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

always needed you

I can't turn around
My pulse quickens
My heart throbs
My legs fly beneath me
Moving faster than the rest of me
I can't keep up anymore
Your sudden mood changes
Drive me insane
You give me no choice;
I have to keep running
I've run into a dead end
I'm all alone.
It's over.
I fought.
And I lost.
And so I'm not running anymore.
Come and take me
I've lost the will to keep going
And now I need you.
I always needed you.
Why did I leave?
I always needed you.
That was stupid of me.
I always needed you.
Why didn't I see?
I always needed you.
Why did I keep running?
That doesn't matter now.
I can see it clearly now
I always needed you
I always will.
No matter how hard I try to fight it,
I will always need you

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