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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

drowning alone

Slowly my world starts to fall
My patience runs out
Anger takes over me
Where there is no one to listen
My heart gripes in my chest
My stomach knots in pain

You promised you would never leave me in pain
And here I am, alone to fall
Unable to bear the pain in my chest
Because now you’ve shut me out
You said you were here to listen
Now no one’s holding me

You said you loved me
Enough to cause me no pain
All there is to hear is the rain fall
All I want to do is cry out
The sadness throbs in my chest

The burn grows sharper in my chest
Without you, I’m not me
My desire to live runs out
Along comes a new pain
Now you’re not here to catch me when I fall
I still dream you’re here to listen

It’s hard not to listen
To the pain throbbing in my chest
The pain is so great I’m about to fall
The me that was before you left is no longer me
Drowned in pain
Someone! Pull me out!

My memory is fading out
Still no one here to listen
Slowly, dies away the pain in my chest
I am no longer me
Alone, I fall
There is nowhere left to fall, time has ran out

You never loved me, not enough to listen
 All you did was cause me pain

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