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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my ultimate high ♥

no boys for me.
not right now,
not in this town.
'cause i've got all i need
right here within my reach.

i've got my girls.
i hope they know they got me
to be behind them,
and squeeze their internal organs out
in an honest-to-God beautiful hug.
i hope they know that everytime
we hug like that,
i really don't want to let go.
i hope all the tears they shed are happy ones
because dry eyes aren't healthy 24/7.

pretty faces, all i see
and i hope that one day,
we might just give up the pretense
of not seeing ourselves as beautiful.
'cause baby don't you know you are?
you are.
and so am i.
otherwise we wouldn't be here,
i don't think.

so i hope that when you read this,
a smile spreads across your face.
maybe a tear falls,
and maybe you're laughing,
even though i'm not that funny.

the point is,
i don't need no shiny things,
no cutie boy on my arm.
'cause i got what i need,
just me and my girls.
just being with you
gives me my ultimate high. ♥

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