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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sweet heaven sent

my head spins
my heart throbs in my chest.
i'm so lost in this world.
i don't know where i am.

my heart is torn
and my head, confused.
i don't know what to do
God, help me, will you?

though my heart aches
and my mind is lost,
there is one thing for certain
i know will always remain.

you are always there for me
as you have been in the past
and as i know in my heart
you will continue to be.

through thick and thin,
you've been my ray of sun
For better or for worse,
you've been the true one.

until the end,
i see your face
smiling at me
with your sparkling eyes

again i must say
there is no greater life than to be with you
The perfect song for you says
'God Have A Little More Time On You'
and i must say again
how that is perfectly true

you are my sweet heaven sent,
my guardian angel
my best friend
and there is nothing more i could ask for.

there is nothing worse for me
than to see you cry
or to be apart from you
sometimes it just helps to know
that in the end,
we'll be together eventually

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